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Fire Pit Permit Inspection Application


Morinville Fire Department
Don Found Fire Station
10021-100 Street, Morinville
Alberta, Canada T8R 1R5

Fire Pit Permit Inspection Application


Is the Landowner Same as Applicant?


Type of Fire Pit/Enclosure

Please note that Portable Fire Pits that run on propane do not need a Fire Pit Permit.  Please follow the manufacturers instructions.

Overall Dimensions of Fire Pit


  1. The surface area or cooking area of the fire pit is less than 1 m (3 feet).
  2. The fire pit must have enclosed sides and not be higher than 60 cm (2 feet) above the ground.
  3. The fire pit is to be constructed of bricks, concrete blocks, heavy gauge metal, or other suitable non-combustible components, as approved by the Town of Morinville.
  4. The fire pit must have a spark arrestor mesh screen, with openings not bigger than 1.25 cm (1/2 inch) and made of expanding metal or equivalent.
  5. The fire shall be located in an area free of dry grass, brush, or combustible soil, and adequate clearances to any combustible material shall be maintained.
  6. The fire is at least 3 m (10 feet) from all buildings, property lines and combustible materials and is not located over any underground utilities or under any above ground wires or foliage.
  7. Only burn clean fuel (clean, dry wood).
  8. Not used to burn refuse or waste matter.
  9. Does not emit sparks on to neighboring property.
  10. Flame height cannot be higher than 90 cm (3 feet)
  11. Wind conditions shall be less than 25 km/hr.
  12. The fire is to be supervised at all times by a responsible person, until such time that it has been extinguished. A fire shall be deemed to include hot ashes and smoldering embers resulting from the fire.
  13. A fire extinguisher or garden hose must be present for extinguishing any spot fires that may occur. If you choose a garden hose, then it must be connected to a working faucet
  14. The permit shall be presented to a member of the Morinville Fire department or Peace Officer when requested to do so.


I certify that the information given on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and acknowledge my authorization of the information to be used for the purposes identified below.


The personal information requested on this form is being collected under the authority Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act.  The information collected will be used to provide a record of fire permits issued by the Town of Morinville.  If you have any questions about the collection or use of your personal information contact the Town Of Morinville’s FOIP Coordinator at 10125 100 Avenue, Morinville, AB  T8R 1L6 or 780-939-4361